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Azaleas & New Coffee Equals Springtime In South Texas

Spring is the most beautiful time of year in South Texas.  Azalea blooms announce the end of the brief cold weather season and a nudge to get out and enjoy the outside before the 100+ degree days and mosquito nights of the summer.

Our Spring Menu features a few staples (Mexico) and fan faves (Black Gold) as well as several bright and flavorful newbies such as Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia.


Dark Roasts
Mexico, Chiapas Jacinto - Smoky, Bittersweet, Chocolate
Columbian, Huila - Raisin, Roasted Almond, Smoky

Medium Roasts
Guatemala, Organic San Antonio - Red Apple, Lemon-Lime, Dates
Black Gold, Mexico & Colombia Blend - Chocolate, Citrus, Smoky
Papua New Guinea - Caramel, Berry, Malt

Light Roasts
Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe - Blueberry. Lemon. Warm Spice

About Old Katy Coffee

A specialty coffee company offering subscriptions, gifts and pop up events with the mission of uniting communities through high quality coffee and awesome coffee experiences. 

Coffee is a global drink crossing cultural and geographic boundaries. Whether it's in the break room, the coffee shop line or the kitchen table; coffee has the power to both caffeinate and unite (caffunite) - even if only in a brief morning ritual.

Globally Sourced. Locally Roasted. Delivered Fresh

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